Rags to Ditches: A Real Fairytale

All fairytales begin with a plot involving a problem (usually a mean stepmother or a bewitched princess) and end with a satisfying resolution that leaves everybody enchanted. But they don’t necessarily translate into real-world solutions.

Fortunately, XSORB does. We started with a problem: the difficulty of finding products that were designed especially for effective and efficient spill clean up, in any environment. And from there we created a suite of solutions that swept the country, and kept workers from uselessly sweeping up spills with improper products such as paper towels and mops.

Here are just a few of the ways XSORB solves your spill clean up quandaries:

1) Everybody’s Friend: XSORB is a universal formula that can be used on everything except hydroflouric acid. To hazardous chemicals, oil, syrup, solvent, or paint, we say, XSORB’s on it!

2) Safe and Secure. No rappelling down towers on a maiden’s long hair or similarly dangerous spill clean up adventures; XSORB eliminates wet floors so there’s no need to “escape” the area. And this saves hundreds of thousands if dollars in litigation from slip and fall claims! No risk of cuts, burns or chemical exposures, either. With XSORB there’s never a need to touch breakage, spilled liquid, or contaminated mops.

3) Green Machine. XSORB saves labor and money. The average spill with oil takes approximately twenty minutes to clean up from the point of identifying the spill type, setting out the warning cones, closing off the area, locating the mop and bucket, removing any broken glass or plastic, scooping up the bulk, repeatedly wringing and mopping, changing the mop water and replacing the bucket in its storage area. Using XSORB takes approximately five minutes from spill identification to a clean, dry floor. And it means your entire business stays open for business, rather than closing off areas that are being cleaned.

4) Increases Happiness. Nobody enjoys mopping. (Notice how close that word is to moping?) Mops with wringers are difficult to wheel around, messy and time consuming. By contrast, employees are amazed at how fast and easy XSORB is to use.

XSORB is better than a fairytale; you might say it’s our “rags to ditches” story.

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