Ready to Rock It?

Everybody’s rockin’ it these days, from clothes to hairstyles, six-pack abs to hot cars. But how many people are rockin’ their paint? That’s what we want to know.

You may be thinking, paint? How excited can anybody get about what color we paint our office walls or warehouse? Will the kids really notice if their school has a fresh coat of lemon yellow on the restroom walls come September, or will they just get busy creating new graffiti that provides the maintenance staff with job security?

But all of these well-meaning business owners and municipal team leaders are missing the point. It isn’t the paint you’re using that you want to rock, but the paint that’s left over once the project is completed. Specifically, you want to perform some spill containment alchemy, and turn that potential landfill hazard into a responsible solution for quick, safe cleanup and disposal. This is what Rock Solid can do for you.

Non-toxic and eco-friendly, XSORB Rock Solid Paint Hardener is the best option for cleanup and disposal of all latex and acrylic paints, because landfills won’t accept paint in liquid form. Just add Rock Solid to leftover paint, shake or stir, and quicker than your favorite barista can whip up your coffee drink of choice, the paint will thicken into a disposable solid, so you have zero spill clean up concerns.

Now you get it: when you’re rockin’ out on a new paint job, keep some Rock Solid on hand. Then you’ll be ready to “Rock it” at a moment’s notice.


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