Restaurant owners should keep their floors clean

In major metropolitan areas, professionals often leave their office buildings for lunch each day. Cities have a wide array of restaurants for people to enjoy. However, these eateries can often be dangerous places if workers do not effectively clean the floors after customers spill on them.

It has happened before, a worker has entered an eatery for lunch and fallen due to a spilt beverage or meal on the floor. This event has potential negative consequences that could easily have been avoided if restaurant staff members had effectively sanitized the ground after the original spill.

Restaurants that have a heavy flow of traffic during lunchtime may want to stock their inventory shelves with the XSORB Spill Station. The absorbent kit is custom-made to hold XSORB Spill Clean-UP Absorbent and several cleaning accessories.

Staff members could effectively clean dirty floors, leaving the tiles dry and residue free in a matter of minutes. The kit includes a rack, dustpan and brush set, disposal bags and a pop-up safety cone. The XSORB Spill Station is a top-of-the-line kit that may help restaurant workers keep their workplace in pristine condition. 

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