Restaurants need absorbent supplies to keep guests safe

Large restaurants have many moving parts. Beyond the amount of food that is taken from storage to preparation to tables, there are many bodies moving around making sure that guests are enjoying their meals. Throughout any given work day, there are numerous spills that occur in and out of the kitchen. These mishaps can be a source of distraction and concern if not immediately cleaned up.

Restaurant owners can quickly remedy spills, prevent accidents and keep their establishments looking clean with the use of a XSORB Spill Clean-Up Box. The materials found inside of the kit are non-toxic and environmentally friendly, which helps keep food safe. In each box, users receive a dry clean-up formula absorbent that contains all types of liquids and semi-liquids on contact. Once the dry clean-up formula absorbs the liquid, it can easily be removed. The universal formula handles spills of any size and creates a non-slippery surface after it is deployed.

Eateries need the highest quality supplies when handling hundreds of customers on a daily basis. XSORB absorbent devices can prevent accidents that often occur when people inadvertently slip on liquids that they overlook. Managers can stay on top of spills and quickly contain them before they get out of hand. 

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