Rock Solid Paint Hardener

Rock Solid paint hardener to solidify paint for fast and easy paint clean up and disposal

Granular absorbent to harden unused paints and solvents for safe and easy disposal

Landfills do not accept paint in liquid form – The answer is to Use XSORB Rock Solid Paint Hardener

  • Works on contact to safely and easily harden unwanted paint into a disposable solid form

  •  Just add to leftover paint and stir and watch as the paint solidifies within minutes

  •  Use on water or oil-based paint, stain & solvents
  •  Solidifies within minutes
  •  Non-toxic & eco-friendly
  •  Will not release absorbed liquids into the environment
  •  Proven environmental option for paint disposal
  •  Refer to local laws regarding safe & proper disposal
  •  Certified Non-Leaching
  •  Fire Resistant and Non-Combustible
XOSRB Rock Solid Paint Absorbent and Solidifier

XB01R,1 Liter Bag – Absorbs up to 1.5 Gallons
XB111R, 2 Liter Bag – Absorbs up to 3 Gallons
XT16R, 4 Gallon Bucket – Absorbs up to 25 Gallons
XB110R, 23 Lb. Bag – Absorbs up to 38 Gallons

EcoLogo Certification

Rock Solid is ECOLOGO Certified – Certifications are multi-attribute, life cycle-based environmental certifications that indicate a product has undergone rigorous scientific testing to certify products for reduced environmental impact.

XSORB Rock Solid Paint Hardener 1 Liter Bag - Spill Hero
1 Liter Bag
Rock Solid Paint Hardener 2 Liter bag
2 Liter Bag
Rock Solid Paint Hardener and Absorbent 4 Gallon Bucket
4 Gallon Bucket
XSORB Rock Solid Paint Hardener Bag 2 cu. ft. - Spill Hero
2 Cubic Foot Bag
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