Safe Harbor

What does it take to stay safe in the water? As a child, it probably meant a cute flotation device — along with the watchful eye of mom or dad, a cousin or caretaker, a trustworthy teen or much older sibling… and likely some swimming lessons, so we’d be able to take care of ourselves in the water in any event.

When it comes to keeping the water itself safe, however, all of us need to act with the wisdom of those who made sure we were safe as youngsters. This means keeping chemical contaminants out of the marine environment.

Fortunately, Impact Absorbents has the spill containment solutions to help keep our oceans and marinas clear of oil spills and chemical leaks.

Consider our FiberDuck Oil-Only Bilge Boom. An easy and economical way to clean water in sumps or reduce contamination from bilge discharge, Bilge Booms are designed to work while floating. They’ll repel water indefinitely, and are safe and simple to use. They might make a cool flotation device in a pinch, too. Kids love to be unique.

For a larger spill, call upon our XSORB Oil Select 55 gallon drum, which removes all petroleum-based products, leaving only clean water behind. This item is one of many that have received Ecologo certification from UL.

Ecologo identifies the top overall environmental performers on the market. These best performers have demonstrated that, compared to others on the market, they have an overall reduced potential burden on the environment per unit of production.

The Oil Select 55-gallon drum:

  • Is approved for oil spill clean up in the marine environment
  • Is licensed as an oil spill cleanup agent by California Department of Fish and Game
  • Can be used on waterways, holding ponds, contaminated barrels, sumps, and more
  • Floats on water and repels water while absorbing oils
  • Absorbs four times its weight: 58 gallons
  • Is non-toxic and environmentally friendly

 So let’s each do our part to keep our water safe. After all, it serves you every day, in a glass, in the shower, in the sink, and, um, in that place you make daily deposits. The least we can each do is ensure the water starts out and remains as pure as possible. Our oceans and their inhabitants appreciate it as much as we appreciate what flows out when we turn on the tap.

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