Safer Eateries: Grace, Not Grease

The pandemic has affected one very vital aspect of human life in a significant way: our appetites. It’s made eating out not just an enjoyable but literal experience, with people dining curbside in coats and hats, even in mid-winter. And now that the caution tiers are dropping, so is everyone’s reserve: we want to eat out! And by golly, in some places we can eat inside the restaurants!

Since even bitter winter weather didn’t prevent the hardy from bundling up and enjoying an outdoor meal by the space heaters, think how much fun it will be to eat outdoors without coats, hats, and gloves, and even eat indoors, in limited numbers. 

And this means restaurateurs will be cookin’ up a storm. And that translates into something that’s less than fun for the restaurant owners: fats. Oils. Grease. A potential spill containment bonanza.

Fortunately, Impact Absorbents is ready. If you feel in over your head, literally, with FOG (fats, oil and grease), we have what you need to protect your roof and avoid fire hazards and drain pollution: the Grease Catcher Grease Containment System.

The Grease Catcher Containment System is your friend from the ‘hood — again, literally. Instead of messy buckets or trays, Grease Catcher provides an all-in-one rooftop (i.e., hood) system comprised of a lightweight, rustproof 16″ x 16″ metal tray, a 4.5″ x 16″ box, a 16″ tray pillow cross bar, and both a tray grease pillow, which keeps grease from leaching out when soaked with moisture, and a box grease pillow.

These pillows are hydrophobic, fireproof, and adhere to EPA standards for absorbents. Once captured, the grease and oils will not leach out, even when soaked in spring rain. The Grease Catcher Containment System is a snap to install, lightweight, and won’t rust.

So welcome all the eager eaters back to your dining establishment with grace, not grease. You’ll sleep better on your own bedroom pillows, knowing our revolutionary box grease pillow is protecting your restaurant from FOGgy days. Grease may have been a hit with hair gels and movies back in the day, but now? Everything works much better without it. Especially hair.


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