Salvage crews continue to pump oil from stranded ship

After weeks of work, crews are still working to pump oil from the container ship that struck ground weeks ago off the coast of New Zealand, Occupational Health and Safety reports.

According to the news source, the Rena must be emptied of its oil before the job of removing the hundreds of containers can begin. On November 8, workers began pumping the thick fuel from the fifth starboard wing tank, which is currently submerged underwater.

Maritime New Zealand stated that 35 underwater locator beacons have been fastened to the most vulnerable containers, so that they may be easily located if they fall to sea.

The New Zealand Defense Force has continued its beach cleanup, utilizing trained oil spill responders and volunteers from around the region. In such efforts, Impact Absorbents’ products such as the XSORB Oil Select Boom can greatly increase cleanup efficiency.

According to the Daily Post, about 54 metric tons of heavy fuel oil have been extracted from the number 5 tank and transferred to the oil tanker Awanuia. Salvage unit manager Arthur Jobard says only about 300 tons are left to pump.

“Getting to this point has been incredibly challenging for the salvors,” he said. “This is a significant milestone for the entire operation.” 

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