San Luis Obispo Fined $57K for several sewage spills

San Luis Obispo, which exists on the central coast of California, has received a $57,000 fine from the Central Coast Regional Water Quality Control Board for various sewage spills. The penalty is a negotiated settlement, Cal Coast News reports.

The board stated on October 18 that the city has caused 51 sewage spills over the last five years, which has resulted in 107,000 gallons of sewage being leaked, according to The Associated Press.

Roger Briggs of the Central Coast Regional Water Quality Control Board made reference to four specific spills in a statement he released on October 18, Cal Coast News reports. In September 2008, 3,000 gallons managed to contaminate San Luis Obispo Creek. In February 2009, 30,000 gallons spilled into Orcutt Creek. In March 2009, Old Garden Creek was contaminated with 9,000 gallons of sewage. The final spill involved 1,000 gallons being spilled into Stenner Creek. The largest of the spills, which happened in February 2009, was attributed to a corroded pipe, The Associated Press reports.

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