Sanitation fire in California necessitates Hazmat team

A fire that happened at a sanitation company in Santee, California, caused a section of Prospect Avenue to be closed off for several hours and the summoning of a Hazmat team.

Santee fire officials stated that the fire began right before 7:30 p.m. at 10000 block of Prospect Avenue, according to television station CBS 8. The police were contacted after flames and smoke were sighted coming from behind a structure at Al Max Sanitation, television station 10 News reports. Hazmat was called in to ensure that the local authorities didn’t have to handle anything hazardous.

The owner maintains that the melting of two large fiberglass tanks filled with grease caused the fire, according to CBS 8. These storage containers held about 8,000 gallons each, television show 10 News reports. The authorities consider the incident suspicious and have placed it under investigation.

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