Say Goodbye to Gutter Debris — Safely

After more than a year of suiting up in personal protection gear, with a plethora of masks, face shields, latex gloves, and, in some cases, hazmat suits, it’s spring, and that means something equally important: cleaning up debris.

Nobody wants their business to gutter out, which is one reason to keep those building gutters clear. The storms have deposited twigs and all sorts of other debris where it doesn’t belong. And your neighboring businesses may have been pruning trees, another popular springtime activity. Gutter debris can run off and clog drains. Plus, all that pruning activity means a mess that can cause slips, trips, and falls if not properly cleaned up.

So you’d better suit up and clean up — safely, of course.

One of the best multi-purpose solutions for these activities is our XSORB Biohazard Clean-Up Kit. Yes, it’s intended for blood and body fluids, and meets OSHA’s Bloodborne Pathogen Standard. These are bonuses. However, what works as PPE for hazardous clean up also serves for outside safety work. This Kit contains: 

  • Tyvek Coveralls with booties
  • Facemask with eyeshield
  • 1 pair of High-risk protective gloves

… in addition to all the biohazard tools you’d expect in such a Kit. It’s convenient, economical, and can serve multiple needs at different times.

You can count on Impact Absorbents to keep you one step ahead of whatever spill clean up or spill containment needs may occur, with innovative products that meet the situation at hand. All it takes is a little imagination — and the forethought to stock up ahead of time.


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