School’s Out Maintenance Is In

Children may be thrilled to be on summer vacation, but that doesn’t mean school isn’t “in session”; it’s just in session in a different way.

With the kids and staff away, the building is ready for a makeover: fresh paint, new doors, perhaps some structural upgrades. And this institutional facelift means there will likely to be a few minor mishaps: not skinned knees, but spills. Impact Absorbents is ready.

Thorough spill preparedness helps businesses and when it comes to maintenance and repairs, schools are a business like any other avoid injuries, destruction of property, and costly fines. Here are several products Impact Absorbents provides to help the school maintenance and repair crew stay safe:

XSORB Outdoor in a 55 gallon Poly Drum. Our All-Purpose absorbent is a non-toxic and environmentally friendly dry spill clean up formula made to absorb all types of liquids and semi-liquids on contact. With Outdoor All-Purpose, it’s easy for construction workers and repair crews to simply sweep away spills, saving labor, time and money. The heavier XSORB Outdoor formula:

  • Stays down even in slightly windy conditions
  • Absorbs six times more than clay
  • Is non-toxic and environmentally friendly.

Will part of the team be rewiring the gym or working outdoors? Impact Absorbents provides the protective gear workers need, from ergonomically shaped PowerGrab Gloves featuring a superior “crinkle” grip perfect in wet and dry applications, to Chemical Splash Goggles with lenses that have 99 percent UV protection.

We also offer spill kits to meet every need, such as the FiberLink Hazmat Economy Spill Kit, created to clean up hazardous spills on the spot easily, effectively and economically. Designed to fit under or behind the driver’s seat to comply with local and state laws, these spill kits enable workers to keep them in the truck cab for easy access on the job.

Come next fall, the children will appreciate their shiny, up-to-date school even if they never glimpse the hard work that went on behind the scenes all summer long.


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