“Slipped, Tripped, and Fell in…”

Angela Strehli recorded her version of a 1970s tune called “Slipped, Tripped, and Fell in Love,” but being in the spill clean up business, when one of our team members heard it on the radio while driving, all she could think was, “Wow, a song about the dangers of spills!”

Now, for some people, falling into a puddle of love might necessitate a spill clean up solution, all right. But we’re talking about actual, physical puddles here, which can be far more dangerous to your body. 

After a winter that felt like summer, with January and February days often hitting the 70- or even 80-degree mark, now that it’s nearly spring, the rains have come calling. 

And this means that just when you thought winter slip and fall concerns were behind you (or at least minimized), the unexpected wet weather has upped the ante, again. At least the days are lighter longer now than a few months ago, though that’s small comfort if someone trips and injures themselves on your premises.

One of the best ways to keep people away from wet floors, regardless of what caused the hazard, is to mark off the area in a really obvious way. Everybody’s eyes are on their phones these days, so make it a colorful marker: an orange Pocket Safety Cone. They’re your first line of defense against slip and fall accidents — and they fold up to fit easily into the pocket of your smock or apron, so they can be deployed quickly when needed.

Next, an XSORB Spill Station with Super Squeeper is a fantastic spill clean up all-on-one solution to have on hand. Aside from the fact that it’s just fun to say “Super Squeeper” and perhaps challenge your colleagues to a tongue-twister contest, this handy XSORB Spill Station has everything you need to sweep the wetness away fast. It’s custom-made to hold our flagship product, granular XSORB Universal Spill Clean Up Absorbent, and will leave your floors clean, dry, and residue-free in a matter of minutes.

The Spill Station with Super Squeeper:

  • Reduces slip and fall injuries
  • Cuts labor costs up to 70%
  • Opens aisles in record time
  • Is completely safe to use. 

It’s a super solution for retail and grocery stores.

So, yes, keep your umbrella at the ready, because Mother Nature is capricious in this era of climate change. And keep your Spill Hero solutions in stock, so you don’t fret about slip and fall incidents, no matter what the weather is like. 

If a spring is in your step and you slip, trip, and fall in love, however, you’re on your own.

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