Smart Summer Home Maintenance

Everything about our lives is smart these days. Smartphones. Smart cars. Smart health (think fitness trackers, life alerts). And yes, our homes are smart too, with coffee makers that turn on without our intervention, allowing an extra snooze; lights that come on when you enter a room, refrigerators that create dinner recipes based on what’s in the fridge (how cool is that!) and all sorts of home security features.

Automation is wonderful. But some things still need to be done the old fashioned way. Like home maintenance. Unless you’ve discovered a bot that will paint your house (there’s probably at least one in development), it’s manual (or womanual) labor.

So you spruce up the home front, and then have all this extra paint you purchased in your home maintenance enthusiasm. That’s where we come in.XSORB Rock Solid Paint Hardenerwill quickly, easily and safely transform leftover paint into disposable solid form, making it an environmentally friendly option for disposal even acceptable in landfills. Simply add Rock Solid to leftover paint and shake or stir. The pesky extra paint hardens into a disposable solid within minutes.

Great, that’s done. Now you can get to work on the car. It’s nice to be handy, isnt it? Fortunately, this is a simple job. And you’re prepared, with theGrease Police Universal Poly-Backed Mat, which absorbs and retains any oil or water-based liquid. Spills or leaks are pretty common when auto repair is done in the driveway or garage rather than at the mechanic’s. Which is why we’ve got you covered.

We bet you’ll discover other household maintenance needs as summer unfolds. So be prepared, with a bag ofXSORB Universal Spill Clean-Upin the closet. Because you never know when a non-toxic, environmentally friendly spill clean up formula will come in tremendously handy. Wait, did one of the kids just knock a sibling’s pancakes to the floor?

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