Snooze You Lose? Not Anymore.

Long-haul trucking can be a tough gig. Drivers need to be mindful of their cargo and their rig. They face days of bad coffee and lonely nights. Highway hypnosis is common. What if an experienced trucker starts to nod off behind the wheel?

SafeCap to the rescue. In our technological age, a typical trucker accessory has now become a safety device: a wearable that literally has all the bells and whistles necessary to keep a trucker awake, including sound, light, and vibration. Using sensors to track head movement, the hat can determine the difference between attentive and inattentive driving. Developed by Ford, SafeCap could save lives.

Keepin’ the rig runnin’

We’re grateful to Ford for this fabulous innovation to keep those in the transportation industry safe. And Impact Absorbents does our part, by creating products to help keep the truck as safe and road-worthy as its driver.

One of our best long-haul spill containment companions is the spill berm. These portable basins, which can be pre-fit with a disposable absorbent pad, catch liquid from an unexpected hydraulic leak for safe, quick spill containment.

The durable polymer material construction has a special coating that can withstand a huge temperature range, from minus 65_ F to 130_F, making it ideal for travel conditions from Alaska to Arizona. Spill berms come in a variety of sizes, enabling a trucker to contain anywhere from 15 to 94 gallons of contaminated material. They’re easily stowed behind the truck seat or in the cab of most equipment.

Plugging a leak en route

What if a driver is on the road, nowhere near a truck stop or other location practical for a spill berm? Plug the leak temporarily with a Plug ‘n Dike Pattie.

This premix putty “burger” sticks to any surface and immediately seals off a leak even if it’s on a dirty, dented or greasy underside of your rig. No surface prep needed, and Plug ‘n Dike is both non-flammable and non-toxic. As soon as a trucker gets to their stopping point for the night, it’s easy to pull out the spill berm and repair the hole properly.

While leaks and sleep deprivation might be part of life on the road, between the SafeCap, spill berm, Plug ‘n’ Dike and other transportation spill clean up solutions, you’ll be in good shape to arrive at your destination unscathed. As for the coffee? Maybe you can bring several large thermoses along, filled with your favorite joe


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