Soak It Up!

Years ago a popular television commercial featured Madge the manicurist, whose clients were shocked to learn they were soaking their hands in dishwashing liquid. It was a clever marketing strategy, because it demonstrated that the dish soap was not only effective, but also gentle on skin.

If Impact Absorbents made a TV commercial, we might take a similar position: our absorbents are tough on spills, yet ecologically friendly and safe to use.

Especially when it comes to one of the toughest spill clean up mediums: motor oil. XSORB Universal outclasses clay, cat litter and diatomaceous earth (D.E.) by a country mile and does it without toxic ingredients. The others carry warning labels that they contain dangerous crystalline silica, which is classified as a human carcinogen, capable of causing cancer and silicosis upon inhalation!

By contrast, XSORB:

  • Is composed of an inert natural mineral that DOES NOT contain carcinogens;
  • Doesn’t generate heat and/or fire when used with certain oils;
  • Is non-leaching.

Check out our Absorbent Comparison Chart, based on a spill of one quart of 30 weight motor oil.

With XSORB, it takes less time to get your floor or other surfaces clean, dry, and residue-free, safely, than with any other spill clean up option. And it’s safe on your hands, too. We think Madge would approve.

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