Soil erosion control products may reduce global warming risks

The United Nations’ Environment Programme (UNEP) reported soil erosion may increase the long-term risk of global warming as valuable resources are eliminated from the environment, according to Reuters.

UNEP emphasized roughly unsustainable land use led 24 percent of land soil erosion and related problems in recent years. In addition, soil lost carbon due to environmental and atmospheric changes due to erosion. The international agency suggests taking preventative environmental cleanup measures to halt soil erosion and keep carbon resources remain intact, eliminating the risk of global warming.

Soil erosion has become a persistent problem, but people can take the initiative to reduce environmental risks with the Ultra DrainGuard, a tool that helps prevent environmental issues. Users can purchase the device to keep sediment and other pollutants out of any water system.

The device features ultra-drainguard catch basin inserts to keep harmful materials out of waterways. The Ultra DrainGuard takes a proactive approach by removing waste from stormwater before it becomes a problem, exceeding 80 percent sediment removal efficiency. Reduce the risks of sediment erosion and global warming with Ultra DrainGuard. 

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