Solid, Dude!

It’s 2013, and you’ve caught the spirit. You’re sprucing up your business for the new year, brightening the walls with a fresh coat of paint, putting sealant on your floors, thinking about new chairs, perhaps (gotta check the budget). In your enthusiasm, however, you overbought on the wall pigment.

Now the building is gorgeous and inviting, and you’re stuck with several cans of unnecessary yet non-returnable paint. You can’t take it to a landfill. What to do?

Solidify it, with XSORB Rock Solid Paint Hardener. Non-toxic and eco-friendly, Rock Solid is your best environmental option for fast, easy, safe paint disposal. It’s a little like magic: instead of the “just add water and shake” that gives you instant soup, in this case you just add Rock Solid and shake to turn liquid into solid in minutes. Presto: paint that’s ready for disposal in accordance with local spcc regulations. A 2-liter bag of Rock Solid will harden up to three gallons of water-based paint.

Rock Solid is also the answer for spill clean up. Simply sprinkle Rock Solid on the spill, watch it slurp up the liquid, then sweep. Your floor will be clean and dry in no time.

So you can start planning for that a New Year’s customer appreciation gathering. Should you set up a buffet or just have finger food? Whatever you decide, make sure to keep Rock Solid and perhaps some Biofresh Disinfecting Super Absorbent on hand. It’s always easier to host a spectacular party when you’re prepared for contingencies.

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