Some Like It HotEven Sizzling

Back in the Middle Ages (1959), Marilyn Monroe starred in a movie called Some Like It Hot. This was before Impact Absorbents was even a glimmer in our founder’s eye, so while we like to imagine the film was about smart spill containment for summer cooking, the movie probably had a different theme. Though we can all agree, the iconic actress sizzled on screen.

In the heat of July, when nobody wants to stand over a hot stove or backyard grill, people flock to their local hotspot and order their favorite warm weather guilty pleasure: Baby back ribs, dogs with all the trimmings, or the deluxe burger special. And while you’re cooking up their anticipated treat, your restaurant may be cooking up a disaster with all that fat, oil and grease.

The best way to save your roof and your business? Our Grease Catcher System. It sounds like something to do with baseball, and in a way, it operates on similar principles: the Grease Catcher pillows are “outfielders” that catch the “fly balls” (fats, oil and grease, or FOG) and “strike them out” before they can become a fire hazard or make their way into your drains, creating an even more extensive problem. So maybe this product is more of a cross between Some Like It Hot and Bull Durham.

As long as your place of business is protected from spill containment emergencies, you can dream of sizzling summer softball and old movies while cooking up a feast.


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