Something Fishy Going On?

Killer fish have been the mainstay of many a water-themed summer movie, ever since the prototypical Jaws set the standard for scary oceanic surprise. What’s even scarier than a shark attack is an oil spill, because its “bite” can have far reaching consequences for a huge number of people.

That’s where Impact Absorbents comes to the rescue. XSORB Select has been tested and certified for oil spill clean up and prevention by the California Department of Fish and Game. The Office of Spill Prevention and Response (OSPR) defines an oil spill cleanup agent as “a chemical, or any other substance, used for removing, dispersing, or otherwise cleaning up oil or any residual products of petroleum in, or on, any waters of the state.”

The extra-good news? Impacts products aren’t just super effective; they’re also environmentally friendly! With Oil Absorbent Bilge Booms, Socks, Spill Kits, and much more, Impact Absorbents ensures you’ll be prepared for any marine mishap.

So now that your industrial and personal water safety is assured, feel free to scare yourself silly some evening by watching one of those movies about large carnivorous fish. The only oily residue will be on your popcorn. Just remember: you’ve been warned.

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