Spill Caddy Savvy

Back in the Mesozoic, Bill Murray, Chevy Chase, Rodney Dangerfield and several other dinosaurs of the silver screen got together to film a sports comedy about golf called Caddyshack. And even though Chevy Chase in particular was known for his pratfalls and other exquisitely engineered spills, he didn’t require spill clean up. Which is why, although it’s spring and many businesspeople are cementing deals on the green, a golf caddy won’t be much help to you when a non-human spill happens.

There’s one caddy you need to have around when you’re nowhere near the fairway: XSORB’s Spill Caddy Program, a mobile unit created to give retail stores, restaurants and event centers a complete spill clean up solution. This is the caddy you want after the game, when you’re toasting a six under par a little too effusively and brew sloshes all over the floor. Each spill kit contains the spill clean up tools you require to handle one hundred 8-ounce spills. That’s a lot of after-golf celebrating, or a simple solution to a stadium’s post-concert mess.

What’s more, the XSORB Spill Caddy was created to do double-duty, without overtime pay: it functions as a caution cone and includes a secondary cone to mark off a spill from both sides. Each Caddy contains two XSORB Universal Absorbent 2-liter bags, two XSORB Universal Absorbent 6-quart bottles (no, they can’t be re-used for beverages!), 6 FiberLink Absorbent Pads, 5 packages of spill squares, one deluxe pop-up cone, 5 pocket pop-up cones, an XSORB Super Squeeper Broom, dustpan and brush set, a 6-quart trash can and 50 disposal bags. The phrase “good to go” rings true.

No matter what kind of leak, drip or spill your facility faces, this spill kit will keep you at the top of your game. Fore!

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