Spill Clean Up En Route to Mars

Space exploration offers thrilling possibilities, says theoretical physicist and author Michio Kaku. In his latest book,The Future of Humanity, the celebrated co-founder of string theory talks about “terraforming Mars” in such lush detail that one can envision booking passage on a SpaceX rocket within the next decade.

Perhaps. Even SpaceX founder Elon Musk agrees there are a few kinks to iron out first.

Not least of which is weightlessness. In addition to maintaining muscle tone (not to mention equanimity, living in such close quarters with others for the lengthy flight), spill clean up in space is tricky. Without gravity, that coffee an astronaut spills is going to float around the cabin. Nasty.

What We Can Learn on Earth

While Impact Absorbents hasn’t yet mastered the physics of spill clean up in space, we do a fantastic job here on Earth. Consider raceways. Some drivers probably go fast enough to almost approach light speed, even if that’s not their intent. And when the track reveals the evidence of this enthusiasm, we have what you need to clean it up in a jiffy:XSORB Edge.

This aggressive absorbentlets you clean up the toughest spills fast, by lifting liquids from the surface so you can easily scrub away synthetic oils, petroleum, hydraulic fluids and fuel spills, leaving raceway surfaces clean and dry. One racetrack manager said, “It wasn’t until we tried XSORB that we found a product that we were completely happy with. We estimate we decreased our downtime by 300 percent this season.”

Of course, our raceway products also includeColdform Bonded Universal Absorbent Padsmade from natural, renewable fibers, which are up to 40 percent more absorbent than polypropylene. AndFiberLink Hazmat Bonded Absorbent Pads, ideal for wipe downs and soaking up large spills, running liquids, and leaks.Let’s not forget theGrease Police Universal Poly-Backed Mat,so versatile it can be used to collect leaks under cars and other vehicles, provide a soft, protective covering for workbenches, and even be cut it to fit the bottom of trash compactors!

Humanity might not be colonizing Mars in the near future, but we can practice smart planetary ecology here at home, with versatile spill clean up and spill containment products that are as environmentally friendly as they are effective and economical.

In the meantime, we’ll keep innovating along with all those scientists. And when NASA comes calling, we hope to have perfected a spill clean up solution that will work in zero gravity.


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