Spill Clean Up for Entrepreneurs

Millennials are passionate about finding their passion. And they’re expressing this desire by starting their own businesses, in record numbers: a scant two years from now,half the U.S. workforce is expected to be freelancingeither full- or part-time (so maybe it’s not just Millennials, after all).

All these entrepreneurs need a place to work. Home is too distracting or too noisy and not the best place to meet with clients. Coffee shops have been the traditional go-to spot, but in recent years, the influx of remote workers has given rise to cowork environments.

Containing Spills in Cowork Spaces

Cowork spaces are typically mixed-use, open floor plans with cubicles, desks, or offices people can rent by the day, week or month. WIFI is available, of course, and the congenial atmosphere is conducive to networking, which helps entrepreneurs build their business. Many cowork spaces feature onsite delis, coffee bars, and other amenities.

All of which raises a red flag here at Impact Absorbents. Because while these comfortable workspaces may promote creativity and sociability, we have a feeling they’ll also lead to an increase in something else: spills.

A plethora of people in common areas, networking, eating, drinking, and using all manner of digital devices? It’s a spill clean up emergency just waiting to happen.

We’re on it. Impact Absorbents has been handling spill clean up in every imaginable environment since the days of hierarchical office structures (read: several decades ago).

And withmore than 500 spill clean up and spill containment productson our roster, it’s safe to say we have precisely what yourretail establishment,restaurant, coffee bar, or other cool cowork space needs to stay sparkling clean, dry, and welcoming, day after day and all day long.

So wherever you work, cowork, or support coworkers with the space and sustenance they need to develop those big ideas, remember that Impact Absorbents had a big idea back in 1992 which led to precisely the spill clean up solutions you need today. Let’s work together!

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