Spill Clean Up IRL

In 2020, it’s sometimes hard to know what’s real. We have digital friends and entire relationships that take place on our phones via text and IMs. Oh, wait, is IMing still a thing? Well, there’s always Instagram and Snapchat, or whatever the latest social platform to emerge might be.

But sometimes you can only interact IRL — in real life. Such as when you need a haircut. You can find the ideal style online, engage a hair stylist via email or text, and send him or her your photo so they can see exactly how the style will look on your face. But the actual haircut? You could set up a VR (virtual reality) walk-through to get a sense of how you’ll look, but unless and until some brilliant programmer figures out how your stylist can extend their shears through your screen, you’ll need to make an actual onsite visit to get your new look.

Yes, living in analog bodies can be vexing. Especially if you experience a spill. While you can engage VR to wipe that spill away — or maybe, if you live or work in a high-tech environment, even engage a bot to clean up the spill for you! — you still have to handle spill clean up, like haircuts, IRL.

Fortunately, Impact Absorbents creates spill clean up solutions made for use in the third dimension. And they’re so much easier and more effective than paper towels or mops and buckets! You can choose from more than 500 products geared to resolve whatever spill mishap has happened where you work or live.

So the next time you have a spill clean up situation, don’t go searching for virtual solutions. You already know exactly what you need. Select the right products from SpillHero.com, and vanquish that spill, pronto. Wasn’t that a breeze?

And before you pick up your phone again and start scrolling, why not take advantage of being present in the analog world and go get that haircut? Or buy those scones your officemates love. They may look delicious online, but they taste even better IRL. Just saying. 

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