Spill Hero: No Cape Necessary

Heroes and superheroes are staples of pop music, television, moviesthe list goes on and on. Enrique Iglesias had a hit with a tune called Hero. The Script sangSuperheroes. A current pop song,Something Just Like This, even calls on a host of superheroes by name, from Hercules to Batman, Superman to Spiderman (where are all thewomensuperheroes, we ask?).

Yet even with their superhuman status, heroes in song and on screen seem to require a lot of props to do their job, from special costumes and rides to specially equipped caves. It all sounds quite exhausting.

But at Impact Absorbents, we’ve made being a superhero simple, with Spill Hero.

Spill Hero is the secret spill clean up solution that hides in your pocket. It’s strategic, like the way Superman used to change from mild-mannered Clark Kent into Superman in a phone booth (a total anachronism today). Unlike Superman, however, Spill Hero doesn’t need to shed a disguise to do its job. When you spot a spill, simply whip Spill Hero out of your pocket and apply it straight to the spill.

One Spill Hero absorbent pad will wipe up twelve ounces of liquid, the equivalent of a dozen paper towels! Which may be of some ecological consolation when the coffee you just purchased on your way into work is now Spill Hero’d out of existence on the floor. Yes, you’redecaffeinatedbut think of the trees you spared.

So every day, when you clock in at work, be sure to place a Spill Hero in your pocket or purse. Once you’ve used it, dispose of it safely and grab a fresh one.

If you didn’t spy any spill clean up emergencies today, simply return the Spill Hero to the box and pick up a new one on your way in tomorrow. Because A superhero (that’s you) knows a spill is always a possibility. And with Spill Hero, a fast solution is right at hand. No cape required.


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