Spill Safety: Non-Toxic XSORB Outperforms Clay Absorbents!

Due to its porous texture, clay is widely used in the sorbent industry from major to minor leaks and spills. Clay is able to be coated by liquids and swept up afterward, making for easy spill cleanup. So what’s the big deal? Clay’s sorbent ability is inadequate for tough spills.  It leaves part of the mess behind in the form of a wet film at the spill site while also endangering the people and the machinery that come in contact with the spill. While clay may be cheap to buy it is expensive to use due to increased disposal and labor costs.

Additionally, OSHA Safety and Health Standards outline a variety of problems surrounding exposure to Crystalline Silica which is found in clay. These problems include a damaging and sometimes fatal disease Silicosis (caused by breathing crystalline silica dust resulting in severe lung damage).  Silicosis is an irreversible condition with no cure. So, if clay doesn’t work well and isn’t safe, what’s the alternative? The answer lies in the mind of Impact Absorbent’s vice president Gary Tharp. Gary engineered a super absorbent (which he later coined XSORB) with these problems in mind.

Unlike clay, XSORB is free of Crystalline Silica, offering a hazard free and eco-friendly cleanup method. XSORB actually absorbs the spill, sucking it into it’s porous texture.  XSORB will not leave behind any residue! It can easily tackle even the most severe spills; simply cover the spill site with XSORB and sweep spills away.  XSORB absorbs up to 7 ½ times as much as clay! With XSORB users are able to cut labor costs and time while ensuring a safe and problem free work environment. For more information please visit our website at www.xsorb.com or call us toll free at 1-800-33-XSORB.

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