Spill Visibility: On Your Mark, Get Set, Pop-up!

Back in grade school you may have been on playground patrol, responsible for keeping the other children safe, and reporting spills from seesaws or monkey bars. As an adult, you still keep spill safety in mind, only these days you’re more concerned with potential hazards from wet weather.

Now that the fog’s hanging heavy in the morning, sidewalks and streets are slippery, visibility is reduced, and it’s easy for customers to track water into your place of business. Uh-oh. That’s a formula that can spell d-i-s-a-s-t-e-r. But there’s an easy remedy.

When you’re on spill patrol, make pop-up cones an integral part of your spill response plan no, not ice cream cones, but cones for all reasons and seasons. Each Pocket Pop-up Cone is a bright orange warning to approaching foot traffic that a spill clean up is in progress. Together with FiberLink Take Along Spill Squares, they translate into “just in time” spill clean up anywhere, without having to leave the site in search of supplies. This simple Impact Absorbents program immediately protects both customers and employees from dangerous slip-and-fall accidents

So when it comes to spill visibility and spill containment during these dark fall and winter days, it’s hip to be square, as Huey Lewis sang. (And we didn’t even have to hire him especially for an Impact commercial!) Keep cones and squares available, and you’re set for adult spill patrol.

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