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The Internet is known for those who jump on board to criticize. So it was refreshing to see how many peopled jumped on board to support a woman who spilled 22 gallons of ranch dressing at her workplace — by sharing their own spill stories.

Mashable called it “the greatest thread in Twitter history.” The article included a classic clip from TV’s The Office, in which a character spills a giant vat of chili— on repeat, for one hour.

We appreciate the humor. Working at a company that develops spill clean up and spill containment solutions, it’s always entertaining to watch a team member use one of our own products to rectify a mishap.

What’s so endearing about watching someone fumble and spill? We think it’s just the visceral reminder that we’re all human: perfectly imperfect, and unapologetic about our butterfingers. It’s the same reason we enjoy watching clowns take pratfalls. 

When a spill happens, however, quick action is necessary. After you finish laughing at the ranch dressing all over your coworker’s face and the floor (or while you’re still chuckling), it’s wise to reach for the right spill clean up products to vanquish the spill, before the whole crew ends up like a giant salad.

One of the best basic tools every business ought to have on hand is our Spill Station with XSORB Universal Absorbent. Custom-made to hold our granular XSORB Spill Clean Up 6-quart bottle (which is included), the Spill Station also features a rack, dustpan and brush set, and disposal bags. Your floors will be clean, dry, and residue-free in minutes, which means you will: 

  • Reduce slip and fall injuries.
  • Cut labor costs up to 70%.
  • Open aisles in record time.

For spills of the magnitude described in these videos, it might be smart to warn others of the clean up in progress, with Pocket Safety Cones. Their bright orange color and image of someone slipping and falling on a wet floor are an obvious warning to steer clear. The cones fit easily into the pocket of your smock or apron, so they can be deployed quickly. 

We know how much fun it is to laugh with others about something we all experience at some point. But better (and safer) to do it from the video replay, with a pristine floor before you.


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