Spring Fever: It Can Be Hard to Contain Yourself!

After being cooped up all winter (especially if you live in the frigid and snowy Northeast or Midwest!), spring heralds a welcome invitation to venture outdoors again. It can be difficult to contain yourself once the weather warms up enough that you can no longer see your breath, and you can actually feel your fingers.

Of course, those fingers may be clumsy after being encased in mittens and gloves for so long, or maybe they’re just itchy to try all sorts of new things at once. Which means some items may slip through those fingers and come in for a not-so-soft landing. All over a restaurant’s freshly mopped floor. Not so good for business.

Fortunately, Impact Absorbents understands spill containment. That’s why we created a broom like no other: the Squeegee Rubber Broom that does it all! Like a mother of six kids, the XSORB Squeegee Rubber Broom is a nimble multi-tasker, equipped on one side with a squeegee to pull spills into one central location, while the rubber bristles on the other side get down deep into the spill for quick clean up. Even better: these brooms last three times as long as bristled brooms and can be washed and reused regularly. (You can tell we’re a woman-owned business, can’t you?).

While the quick spill clean up is in progress, pop a Deluxe Pop-up Cone nearby to alert store or restaurant patrons to sidestep the spill. The fluorescent yellow or flaming orange color is like a neon beacon marking the spill to keep people safe. And our Hanging Pop-Up Safety Cones can be located anywhere, making them available for instant retrieval.

So feel the fever and put a spring in your step, knowing that if any fluids can’t contain themselves, Impact Absorbents’ products will be right there to handle the spill containment and clean up in a jiffy.

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