Spring Fever!

It’s that time again: our spring-ahead clocks have provided an extra hour of daylight, the kids are itching to be out of school, and spring fever in general can lead tooverindulgence. This is the nature of the human condition: sometimes the chocolate mousse cake has our name on it; sometimes that all-you-can-eat buffet sounds simply too good to pass upand sometimes, our bodies rebel.

Not to worry. XSORB understands biohazards, whether they happen at work, at play, at school, or in the home. And we’ve developed products to help you make the best of a biohazard spill clean up. When the chocolate cake that looked so divine in its packaging has left your stomach for the floor (it obviously had spring fever, too), reach for our Biohazard Absorbent Response Kit, which has everything you need to handle spill clean up with a minimum of fuss or mess.

From facemask to gloves to coveralls, a pouch of XSORB II Super Absorbent Disinfectant to antiseptic towelettes to biohazard disposal bag, you’ll be fully prepared to protect and disinfect. You might also want to keep a canister of Biofresh Disinfecting Super Absorbent on hand, to refill your Kit and be prepared for larger spill clean up emergencies.

We want you to enjoy the season in good health and safety. By all means, treat yourself to a sinfully delicious dessert now and then. Just remember those key words when you begin to feel full: “doggy bag.”

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