Spring-Loaded Success

Daylight savings time begins March 12, 2017. We set our timekeeping devices ahead one hour at 2 a.m. which is still Saturday night for some folks. And even though most of our digital appendages automatically adjust for time changes, people feel the shift biologically. Setting our clocks ahead is a bit like being coiled for action.

We understand: all Impact Absorbents products are, in a sense, “spring-loaded” to work instantly on spills, no matter when or where they happen, whatever the season.

One product that clearly lends itself to a “spring-loaded” response is Biofresh Super Absorbent with Disinfectant, the canister to reach for when someone has a spring-loaded bodily expulsion (a very polite way of saying, vomit). Though it might be unpleasant to consider, you’ll be very glad to have Biofresh on hand for spill clean up when your students have too much spring fever, and either expel their lunch in the cafeteria, or perhaps create some other form of unintentional biohazard (perhaps caused by a spring flu that’s making the rounds). Teaching the next generation is definitely a heroic task.

Spring-loaded might also describe our FiberLink Take Along Spill Squares, a “just-in-time” spill clean up product small enough to fit in your pocket. Along with school personnel, event center managers know this product is exactly what’s needed in a pinch, while maintenance fetches the XSORB Spill Caddy.

Enjoy that extra hour of daylight as we move into spring and summer, knowing Impact Absorbents saves you time and energy to use as you see fit.


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