Start With How

There’s a very popular video that’s been circulating online for a while:Start With Why. In his presentation, organizational consultant Simon Sinek maintains that people don’t care what you do, they care why you do it. In other words, they want to understand the passion behind the product.

We agree. Sort of. For us, the why is a given: innovation in an industry that’s essential, but not often environmentally compatible. Because at Impact Absorbents, we treat Nature the way we want to see everyone treat their mother: with compassion, care and love. Start With the Ingredients So we believe it’s most important to start with how: how are our spill containment and spill clean up products made, and with what ingredients? Let’s begin with our flagship product: XSORB Universal. While it’s not designed to be ingested (so please keep it out of reach of curious children and pets!), XSORB Universal is FDA-approved for use around food. And it’s about as non-toxic and eco-friendly as a spill clean up product can be. XSORB:

  • Won’t harm skin or eyes
  • Contains no VOCs
  • Has no odor
  • Absorbs without generating dust. Unlike toxic clay, you don’t even need to wear safety goggles when using it.

This one-minute video demonstrates just how easy and effective XSORB is to use. Once you know why you’re running your business, the how will become evident. And when you want a smart, safe, successful spill clean up solution, reach for XSORB. We’ve got the know-how you need.

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