Stop! Grease Police!

You call the police when a crime’s been committed, and while a spill mishap isn’t exactly a police emergency, the way most businesses handle spill clean up is a crime: employees crawling around with ineffective paper towels, trying to mop up grease or catch it in drip pans. What a mess! Sound the sirens!

Grease Police is the one fast-acting special agent you want on your A-team: it’s an auto repair shop or long-haul trucker’s best bud, not to mention the go-to resource for any construction site or weekend DIY’er. The Grease Police mat, with its impermeable moisture barrier, absorbs and holds any oil or water-based liquid. It’s versatile, and can easily be cut to fit the bottom of trash compactors to clear up messy garbage leaks, placed under paint buckets to prevent unnecessary spill clean-ups, or used on floors and entryways to prevent tracking. Not the kind of tracking those other police do; we’re referring to dirty footprints.

Constructed of universal polypropylene with poly backing, the dark gray color also hides soiling, also just like those blue uniforms the peace officers wear. Not a lot of time to change clothes while on duty, is there? And you thought the choice of dark blue was due to its slimming feature.

So the next time you’re preparing to grease the wheels of commerce, or a truck, or your table saw, make sure you go to the mat first and order Grease Police. Because Grease Police will definitely go to the mat for you.


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