Suit Up for Safety: Stylin’ with Personal Protection Gear

Fashion is so personal. Some people like to wear pants that redefine “low rise”. Some sashay in T-Shirts that double as dresses. And some prefer personal protection gear like the Tychem TK 640 Deluxe Level A Front Entry Suitthat recalls early space-age movies. Even the name sounds otherworldly.

Tychem Deluxe Level A Front Entry Suit
Tychem Deluxe Level A Front Entry Suit

While you’re unlikely to be mistaken for a superhero or high fashion model dressed in a Tyvek Hoodie and Boots, you will win high marks in the spill containment field for setting the safety standard while working with hazardous products. Tyvek spunbond olefin has long been the industry safety leader thanks to its strength, durability, flexibility, superior barrier qualities, and of course, comfort and breathability (it’s hard to attend to hazardous spills if you’re running out of oxygen).

Though they only come in “hazmat white” at this time, our zippered coverall outfit does feature an attached hood, non-skid boots, and elasticized wrists and ankles. Given the nano-evolution of teen fashion and the popularity of both hoodies and boots, these might easily start trending if somebody posts a picture of him- or herself thus attired on one of the popular social sites.

Plus, it’s so easy to accessorize these spill clean up suits! Check out our G-Tek CR, Kevlar gloves, up to five times stronger than steel (hm: maybe you could pinch-hit for Superman after all) with a heavy solid nitrile coating for superior grip in oily applications. Nothing cuts these gloves, yet they offer superb dexterity and comfort.

And you’ll be the hit of the ski slope or dance jam as well as your workplace with Venture II Black Frame 3.0 IR Filter Lenses. Protecting your vision has never been so fashion-forward: these glasses feature a 9.75-base curved lens that provides full side protection and distortion-free viewing, with no distracting seams or traditional side shields. The scratch-resistant, UV-coated lenses are incredibly lightweight, with soft nose pads and temples with four length adjustments for all-day wearability. Clearly, they’re a must-have for any spcc plan.

Of course, with the upcoming holidays we can think of at least one other occasion where personal protective gear might make a splash: a Thanksgiving celebration. In case you or any children in attendance overindulge at the groaning table, don’t groan: simply whip out your accessorized canister of Biofresh, and let the party continue

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