Summer with Kids in the Time of Coronavirus

It’s summer. The kids should be shipped off to camp, leaving mom and dad free to work remotely, in peace. But it’s a COVID-19 summer, which means camps are closed, the kids are home expecting you to entertain them, and you’re wishing your physical workplace was an option now.

Many of us here at Impact Absorbents are also parents, and we sympathize. Fortunately, we’ve discovered an amazing list of over 40 virtual summer camps to keep the kids occupied while social distancing. It’s not quite the same as being out in nature, enjoying the fresh air and sunshine, but since today’s children are growing up with devices as extensions of their hands anyway, virtual trees and camping activities may seem all the same to them.

Here are some of the delightful offerings:

  • Peanuts Virtual Art Camp. Do your children adore Charlie Brown and Snoopy? Charles M. Schulz Creative Associates has launched a series of short, engaging instructional videos on the Snoopy YouTube channel. Kids can learn to draw everybody’s favorite beagle in just minutes.
  • Act One Theatre Camp. Are your kids more inclined towards the stage than the easel? These three-week virtual camp sessions for children aged 6-15 will take dress-up to a whole new level!
  • Jam With Jamie. Maybe music is more their jam. If so, Jamie Kolnick is the solution you seek: she offers free daily music classes via Facebook Live, as well as private Zoom sessions for birthdays and other events.
  • Best Buy Geek Squad Academy. Since so many kids are natural geeks with all this technology at their fingertips, Best Buy designed a camp to get them excited about STEM education. You may stare blankly at the mention of Godot game engines and mobile photography, but your children will likely be thrilled.

Now, while this may remove the onus from having to devise ways to keep the kids involved and out of mischief, it does mean there may be more spill clean up opportunities for you. Yes, we did use the word “opportunities.” This is a time when reframing is really valuable. Especially when you have the resources available.

We recommend our Floor Safety Pads, handy little spill clean up solutions you can carry with you to respond to a nuisance spill quickly, easily, safely. One pad is better than multiple paper towels, and will leave your floor clean and dry in seconds.

So while you’re working in the room next door and hear a shriek as that glass of juice takes a tumble, you can dash in, absorb the spill, and return to your home office in a flash. Lends a whole new meaning to “door dash,” doesn’t it? 




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