Tacos and Pizza and Beer, Oh My

Who lies awake at night dreaming of food holidays? Probably someone whose business involves enticing customers to buy their products or someone who really enjoys eating. Maybe it’s a corporate event planner whose job entails interfacing with catering companies for large-scale meetings. Or maybe it’s a conspiracy of moms who want to promote healthier foods though you sure couldn’t prove it by the listings for October.

The 4th is National Taco Day; the 8th is National Fluffernutter Day (we did love those commercials growing up, but our mothers refused to buy the marshmallow creme, opting instead for grape jelly, which is the default pairing with peanut butter…).

October 11th is National Sausage Pizza Day, the 17th is National Pasta Day, the 23rd is National Boston Cream Pie Day, the 27th is American Beer Day, and the 31st is National Caramel Apple Day. It’s a safe bet that anyone who eats during this month may be in danger of gaining weight. Not to mention dislodging a few teeth.

But we’ve got bigger fish to fry, if you’ll pardon the expression. With all that greasy, slippery food and drink flying around, some of it is bound to end up on the floor. And that’s not good for business. Especially if you’re hosting an A-list of C-suite executives.

So be prepared, with the premier spill clean up solution for any event: XSORB Universal. As the name implies, our flagship spill clean up formula absorbs all types of liquids and semi-liquids on contact, making it easy to simply sweep away spills. Oil, grease, syrup and sugary liquids are no match for XSORB, which will leave your floors completely dry and non-slippery, preventing slips and falls, in a matter of minutes.It’s also non-toxic, environmentally friendly, and, of course, FDA approved for use around food.

In fact, you may want to order an XSORB Universal Safety Spill Center Double-Pack, which includes everything your event center could possibly need to respond to spills. Its high visibility makes supplies easy to locate, decreasing response time.The wall-mountable rack holds:

Food is a staple of life, the more so when it’s part of your daily business. Let Impact Absorbents help you keep your customers happy, by being the ever-present background resource for those inevitable spills that need quick containment and clean up, with healthy, green products. You’re welcome. Please save us a taco.

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