Take a Breather: Safe Solutions for Your Fuel Tank

Moisture. You want it in your skin, in a cake, and, if there’s been a protracted dry spell, coming from the sky. But you don’t want moisture seeping into the basement of your home or through the walls of your business and the one place you really, really don’t want moisture is in a large fuel storage tank, which could ruin the contents. Not good.

That’s where Impact Absorbent’s Fuel Tank Breather comes to the rescue. Our Safe Solutions Fuel Tank Breather keeps fuel tanks’ contents clean and pure by removing moisture, dirt particles and other contaminants. It also prevents corrosion and chemical reactions by cleaning and drying the air entering the tanks, which minimizes maintenance costs.

Hospitals, event centers and similar sites that have backup generators also have large fuel storage tanks sitting mostly unused. The tank breathers absorb any moisture entering or exiting the tank. We hope hospitals in New York City and the numerous other locations that lost power when Hurricane Sandy hit had Safe Solutions Fuel Tank Breathers installed beforehand, because thousands of people needed to rely on those generators.

Clearly, in these situations there’s no “fueling around.” Be sure you’re prepared for future storms or other power emergencies. Once you install a Safe Solutions Fuel Tank Breather you’ll be able to say a heartfelt, “Tanks for the memories!”

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