Take A Deep Breath

If there’s one thing we’re enjoying this spring, it’s breathing. Without masks. In some places. The mask mandates surge and ebb, depending on what the latest viral scourge is up to around the country and across the globe. Our masks have become part of our bodies, like an extra flap of skin.

But even if we’re not yet at the point where we can safely breathe freely all the time minus masks, there’s one place you need to ensure breathes freely all the time: your fuel storage tank.

Tank corrosion and fuel contamination are costly yet preventable problems. The Safe Solutions Tank Desiccant Breather prevents corrosion and chemical reactions within the tank by cleaning and drying the entering air. Our filtering agents absorb moisture and trap dirt particles and other contaminants before they enter.

This keeps your tank contents pure, minimizing maintenance costs. The filtering agent indicates when it’s time for a Safe Solutions Fuel Tank Desiccant Breathe Refill with a simple color change from blue to light pink. The refill is easy, using our moldable cartridge.

So prevent generator failures due to contaminated fuel. Let us help your tank breathe freely all the time. There’s no mask mandate for fuel storage tanks, and keeping their ability to breathe in peak condition means a happier time for you and your business.

As for you and your team, make sure to get outside as much as possible, physically distanced from other humans and close to nature. The trees have got all our backs in this. Hug one and you’ll be breathing easier. 

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