Tanker crash spills more than 4,500 gallons of fuels in Ohio

A fuel tanker that crashed on the night of October 10 resulted in the spill of more than 4,500 gallons of gasoline and diesel fuel, according to Columbus, Ohio officials. The accident occurred at the junction of I-270 and Rt. 161, and sections of those highways were subsequently closed, according to The Columbus Dispatch.

Police reports indicate that the accident occurred when Jack Birman of Columbus was unable to successfully exit I-270 north and transition to Rt. 161 east, television station NBC4 reports. The truck veered off the highway and then rolled onto its side. The police indicated that no other vehicles were involved in the accident, and that speed had an influence on the crash.

According to the media outlet, the land where the gas spilled will need to be excavated. The Ohio Department of Transportation has announced that the soil will need to be tested to determine whether or not the fuel vapors existing there make the air safe.

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