Tennessee couple worried about rainfall’s erosion effects

A Tennessee resident recently expressed concern that the heavy rainfall the area has experienced recently will cause erosion problems.

Jodie Westwood, of Bradley County, told the Cleveland Daily Banner that she and her husband have been worrying about the erosion issue for years and are wondering who will pay to resolve it.

The Westwoods own 24 acres of land and receive the storm water runoff from both the road and the Hickory Glen and Weeping Willow subdivisions.

“I’m just trying to find the right source to solve the problem and… everybody’s saying it’s the landowner,” she told the news source. “We have repaired a lot and we have done a lot, but I think that our property has been invaded by growth [and development].”

Westwood said that even light rainfall can have a negative effect and the situation has just gotten worse over time.

“Each subsequent rain that comes through damages it even worse, because there is nothing left but sand,” she told the Daily Banner.

Dealing with such issues is not easy but it becomes a lot less difficult with the correct erosion control products such as Impact Absorbents’ X-Straw straw wattles.

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