Tennessee landowners consider options to eliminate erosion-risk soil concerns

The Conservation Reserve Program Erodible Soils Initiative could provide landowners in Tennessee’s DeSoto County a reliable option to battle soil erosion. Individuals may consider using the plan to receive federal assistance and erosion control products to battle the ongoing problem, The Commercial Appeal reports.

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) launched the program to support farmers across the country. National Resources Conservation Service spokesperson Scott Griffith told the newspaper the program could help the county improve air quality by reducing soil erosion. The USDA anticipates it could enroll 750,000 acres in the initiative.

County officials may choose to join the national plan, but individuals can take steps to reduce soil erosion without the federal government’s assistance as well. A straw wattle offers an affordable option people can use to eliminate soil erosion instantly.

A straw wattle keeps soil in place in and around drain inlets, eliminating the risk of sediment blockage. The product features a high-density netting that reduces the possibility of soil erosion and retains sediments on slopes. Maintain nutrient-rich soil and eliminate soil erosion risks permanently with a straw wattle. 

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