Texas city ponders erosion control plan

Erosion control is a major concern for most communities on the water as the damage caused by this natural process can be serious.

The city of Galveston, Texas, is currently debating its erosion response plan to help ensure that it is properly prepared for any situation that should arise, reports the Galveston County Daily News.

According to the news source, the main point of contention with the plan is how far back structures should be from the water and how to measure such a distance.

“Where do we start measuring?” city planning director Wendy O’Donohoe asked. “Where is the most consistent point in a dynamic environment such as the beach? When you reference a point, at some point that line may be in another place.”

The city needs to submit its erosion control plan to the state by year’s end. If the plan is approved, Galveston can apply for state funding.

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