Texting on the Trail

Now that the weather is nice, it feels good to spend time outside. One of the joys of being in Nature is peace and quiet. It’s just birdsong and people chatting to their friends as they walk… oh wait, what’s that loud voice? Yes, it’s someone on their phone, calling a distant galaxy!

At least, it sounds this way. Phone calls in the park appear to be the new multitasking: get your steps and conversations in simultaneously. Personally, we think Nature should be a device-free zone. If you must bring your phone to the forest, try texting instead of talking. For instance: you could send images of our majestic California redwoods to your less fortunate friends in the flatlands.

It’s good to take a break from technology when we take a break, however. In one study, backpackers scored 50 percent better on a creativity test after spending four days disconnected from all electronic devices. If the idea of four days without devices sends you into withdrawal as much as the thought of going that long without coffee, well … it bears thinking about.

Of course, another benefit of being in Nature is no need for spill clean up. The squirrels and park patrol have it handled.

Once you’re back in the real world, however, spill clean up resumes its essential role in maintaining a happy, safe workplace. This is where we shine. Spill Hero Universal Absorbent, our flagship product, saves the day for businesses everywhere on a daily basis.

Our dry clean up formula absorbs liquids on contact, making it easy to simply sweep spills away. Universal absorbs all types of liquids and semi-liquids, leaving floors completely dry and non-slippery. It easily handles even tough spills such as oil, grease, paint or syrup, yet s non-toxic and FDA approved for use around food.

So get those steps in, and enjoy your conversations IRL without WiFi every now and then. Bonus: you just might find that creative solution you’ve been seeking.

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