That’s a Wrap: No PFAs in Our Products!

A lot of women are lipophobic (that’s fear of fat), which may prevent them from eating fast food. That’s a positive. Fast food is not nutritious.

Yet a new study by the Centers for Disease Controlfound one in three U.S. adults eat fast food every day. That’s about 85 million people; an alarming statistic.

Not only because the food contains empty calories, but because fast food packaging contains PFAs, persistent chemicals that accumulate in the body over time, potentially causing all sorts of damage, from hip fractures to high cholesterol to cancer. It’s enough to make anyone swear off fast food for life, literally.

Even though Impact Absorbents isn’t in the food service industry, we spend a lot of time cleaning up food and drink spills. Whatever toxic chemicals are hiding in fast food and its packaging, we promise they willneverbe used in XSORB, or in the rest of our suite of products.

We pride ourselves on pioneering effective, economical spill clean up and spill containment products that are non-toxic and environmentally friendly. In fact, XSORB is even FDA-approved for use around food (and is safer, in this sense, than the fast food wrapper. Not that you’d want to douse your food in XSORB. But you take our point.)

So even if you’re a bit pressed for time, like most people these days, when you plan to grab a bite to eat, consider choosing a healthier option.

Get creative; there are a lot offend trucks truckin’ around that serve state-of-the-art cuisine made fresh. Or perhaps you can use a pressure cooker to create several nights’ worth of meals at once, and freeze them. You can store the extra food in reusable glass jars, and never give PFAs another thought.Your body and your business will thank you. As they say in Hollywood, “That’s a wrap!”

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