The Art of Spill Clean Up

In Portugal, an organization known as LATA 65 turns seniors into street artists, completewith spray paint cans, masks and gloves but instead of defacing property, the mission-motivated elders search out run-down areas and make art! It’s fun and fruitful for the participants, who get to exercise a creative impulse for good, beautifying their cities while exemplifying how street art can serve a positive purpose. This is a great way to turn defaced property into art.

If only they could do the same with spilled liquids.

Unfortunately, we haven’t yet heard of senior artists (or artists of any age) turning spills into art although, as many of us at Impact Absorbents are parents, we know how hard children try to make art out of their food. But we have an even better idea: XSORB.

Whether the spill in question happens in the boardroom or classroom, senior center or day care center, XSORB is ready to make your day better, with a huge array of products to suit every imaginable spill clean up situation.

Start here: the XSORB Spill Station with Squeegee. The XSORB Spill Station is custom-made to hold our granular XSORB Spill Clean-Up Absorbent, which will leave your floors clean, dry and residue free in a matter of minutes. While it’s perfect for retail and grocery stores, it’s also a handy spill clean up solution for office buildings, senior centers, day care centers, or anywhere people congregate, often around food. After all, when you have a dozen high-powered executives in conference with coffee, tea and pastries to fuel those brilliant ideas, odds are something’s going to end up on the floor (which is still preferable to spilling food or drink on that silk blouse).

We encourage you to be as artistic as life calls you to be. You can depend on XSORB to clean up after you. (Though somebody will have to do the dirty work, it’ll be much more painless than with mops or paper towels!)

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