The Best Spill Clean Up Solutions for Time Travelers

If you’re a science fiction aficionado — or just like the concept of time travel — you’ll have one of our country’s biannual opportunities to do so this week: we set our clocks ahead one hour in most of the nation at 2 a.m. on Sunday, March 8, which means we lose an hour of sleep but wake up to a day with more sunlight at the end, so you can make up for the lost sleep with extra exercise. Assuming you’re still following through on those new year’s resolutions.

Why do we fiddle with our biorhythms like this twice a year? According to, we “spring ahead” and “fall back” both to conserve energy and to attempt to match daylight hours to the times when most people are awake.

The latter seems to be a spurious argument, as it’s still the middle of the night somewhere in the world. And with smartphones reaching even the most remote areas on earth now, your colleagues can contact you no matter where or when you may be attempting to get some shut-eye. 

What we do know is that time travelers need to be prepared for any eventuality. To be a true Spill Hero, you have to land on your feet every time. And if the floor is slippery, your chances of doing that decrease. So what’s the best spill clean up tool for time travelers? Floor Safety Pads.

You can carry these handy little spill squares in a pocket, purse or backpack to quickly and easily respond to nuisance spills that could prove hazardous to less experienced time travelers. Nobody wants to lug a cumbersome roll of paper towels — or a mop! — when they’re preparing to skip an hour of time.

Floor Safety Pads absorb spills in seconds, leaving your floors clean, dry and safe, so you can continue your travels — even if “travel” means walking around the shop floor to ensure nobody is planning an early escape to enjoy the extra sun.

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