The cause of a chlorine leak in Buffalo is still unknown

A chemical leak inside a local milling factory in Buffalo, New York, on Tuesday, January 17, 2012, forced investigators to evacuate the building before containing the leak, reports

The chemical leak occurred at ADM Milling near General Mills. While employees were tending to their responsibilities, chlorine unexpectedly began to leak from a container. The Buffalo Fire Hazmat team were called to the scene to contain the hazardous spill.

The first responders to the scene evacuated 18 employees and transferred them to a safe area about a half-mile away where medics were on stand by, reports the source.

Cleanup crews went to work inside the facility after the employees were removed. The leak was difficult to contain, but in the end, the hazmat team were successful in their efforts. It was never determined what caused the chlorine leak in the first place.

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