The cause of an oil spill in Ohio still unknown

An investigation into an oil spill discovered on January 8, 2012, is still underway in Highlandtown, Ohio, reports The Review.

The Ohio Environmental Protection Agency (OEPA) continues to look for the cause of the spill, which created a reddish oil sheen in nearby creeks that flow under Fife Coal Road in Highland.

According to the news source, area residents reported a petroleum odor in the area. Community members also contacted Ergon and Marathon oil companies because both organizations have pipelines in the area.

However, company representatives from both organizations arrived at the scene and discovered that neither pipe system was leaking fuel.

Recently, OEPA investigators suggested the source of the oil that spilled into the river system came from heating tanks that had been in the basement of a burned out home. According to the source, during the demolition of the structure the oil tanks were removed, but may have left trace samples behind that flowed into the river.

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