The “February 5”: Cool and Unusual Ways to Celebrate

Let’s face it: February gets short shrift in the annual calendar. It only has 28 days, except every four years, when we add a “leap day” to even out the planet’s rotation. And many people who ought to know better pronounce the word as if it had only one “r”. It’s enough to make February “arrrrrrgh” in frustration.

Fret not, misunderstood month. There are a number of unusual holidays that make you a spill safety and spill clean up solutions dream. For instance:

  • February 4th: National Homemade Soup Day. The healing powers of chicken soup were once considered folklore, but science has since confirmed that it can help relieve symptoms of the common cold, which is very common this time of year. So as your restaurant or grocery store salad bar serves up gallons of the stuff, be sure to have some corresponding spill clean up products, such as the XSORB Xpress Universal Spill Kit, available. Because liquids like soup have a way of winding up in places other than down the hatch.
  • February 9th: National Pizza Day. Anybody who doesn’t love America’s favorite dish might be crusty. The first U.S. Pizzeria opened in New York City in 1895, and the saucy solution to dinner and party fare now sells over three billion pizza pies a year and that’s just the made-to-order ones. Add another billion for frozen pizzas. So why not reward your staff with a pizza party this week? Just be sure you have XSORB Universal on hand for the spill clean up that’s likely to follow and perhaps a canister of Biofresh for those over-enthusiastic eaters with eyes a little bigger than their stomachs.
  • February 11th: Don’t Cry Over Spilled Milk Day. This proverb is about thinking on the bright side, always a smart move in business, or when an emergency response crew becomes part of your day. Fortunately, XSORB is at the ready for “spilled milk” that translates into a spill clean up emergency.
  • February 20th: National Love Your Pet Day. If you share space with a dog, cat, bird, fish, or bunny, you know it doesn’t take a special day to acknowledge how much your furry, feathered, or finned friend means to you. Maybe you can use this occasion to reward your animal companion with a favorite toy or treat. But whatever you do, keep XSORB Pet Clean-up handy. It will keep you as happy as your pet.
  • February 28th: National Chocolate Souffl_ Day. Does your mouth water just reading these words? Ours does. Here are some recipes to try your hand at creating this confection. If it comes out well, you can bake souffl_s for your prospects and clients, which will make you an extra-special hit if you’re not in the food service business. But you know what would be smart to have available regardless of where you’re whipping up these desserts? Yes: an XSORB Spill Station with Long Broom. Just to be on the deliciously safe side.

Now then: doesn’t February sound a whole lot more appealing?

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