The Industrial Antacid

Biting remarks. Mordant wit. These can be a bit hard to take on a regular basis from a family member or coworker. Caustic remarks are especially frustrating when they come from an overwrought stranger. But there are times when your acerbic office mate or critical Aunt Bertha would come in handy, if you could convert their caustic commentary into a spill clean up solution.

We’re speaking, of course, about XSORB’s Caustic Neutralizer. Designed to meet OSHA standards, it comes in a variety of sizes: a 2 liter bag of absorbent to a 6 quart bottle, a 6.5 gallon spill kit, and larger spill kits that provide 20, 30, 55 or 65 gallons of spill clean up response.

Our 20-gallon Caustic Neutralize Spill Kit neutralizes and absorbs up to 14 gallons of hazardous waste, and includes:

  • 4 FiberLink Hazmat Yellow Absorbent Socks, 3″x4′
  • 40 Yellow Hazmat Sorbent Pads
  • 5 Yellow Temporary Disposal Bags
  • 3 Hazmat Labels
  • 1 Pair of Chemical-Resistant Gloves
  • 1 Yellow PVC Chemical-Resistant Apron
  • Headgear with faceshield
  • 1 Dustmask
  • 1 Emergency Response Guidebook

In any emergency response, industrial, or automotive hazardous spill situation, XSORB Caustic Neutralizer is the fast-acting first-responder you’ll want at the ready for easy, convenient, effective spill containment and spill clean up.

For those verbal slings and arrows, we suggest containing the hazardous words with compassion, and possibly, once the venom has been neutralized, adding a smile.


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